Book – Booklet Printing

Publishing a book use to be very expensive because you had to actually hire a publishing company. With the help of our experts at Oak Hill Printing in South Austin, we can help with all your book printing needs. Whether you want full hard copies or you want to create a book on CD/DVD, we can provide you with all the necessary services. Self-publishing is one of the most popular ways for any author to put their words in print and our only goal is to help you achieve your book goals.

spiral_bound_book printingOur marketing and printing experts can help you eliminate the middleman and keep more of the profits from your book. From cutting-edge binding and printing to the actual marketing of your new book, we will walk you through the process. With the help of our book printing, you can maximize your profits and maintain full creative control. You won’t need to worry about a big time publisher changing your book or taking your ideas and turning them into something you don’t support.

Some of the book printing services we provide:

  • Formatting
  • Cover Design
  • Online Publication
  • Obtaining an ISBN Number
  • Full Printing and Binding
  • CD/DVD Creating
  • Full Packaging and Distribution
  • Book Marketing

Not only will our experts help create the right book for you, but we will also help get it in front of the right audience to maximize sales. You don’t give up any control when hiring our Boston AlphaGraphics team to help with your book printing. As the author, you shouldn’t have to share the royalties and we allow you to keep every penny. With our help, you become the publisher and we can help give you more options than you might have realized.

Our team will walk you through the process of creating your hard copy, but we don’t stop there. After the hard copy is created, we can also give you many other ways to distribute the book. The experts at AlphaGraphics in Boston, will show you how a CD/DVD and an eBook will provide more distribution channels and the ability maximize your earnings. E-reading devices have become very popular and once your book is created in the right format, you won’t have to worry about any other costs through this distribution channel.

No longer do you need to hear publishers tell you they can’t help. Become your own publisher with our help. We can even help with the media kits, business cards, postcards, direct mail marketing, posters, signs and any other printing needs you might have. With our experts working by your side, you will get professional advice for the design and marketing of your book. Visit Oak Hill Printing today and let one of our professionals take care of you.